About Us

Powerhouse Mens Clinic

Our mission is “Healthy Male Hormone Optimization”. Our therapy assists the whole male patient in recovering and replenishing his optimal testosterone, vitamin/mineral and nutritional levels.  Thereby, restablishing and improving the desired quality of life and health of each patient.

To Our Patients

The PowerHouse Men’s Clinic prides itself on integrity and patient safety. Accordingly, The Power House Men’s Clinic only treats men with a verifiable testosterone deficiency (hypogonadism) as evidenced by comprehensive labwork, presenting symptomology, and a complete medical evaluation by our licensed provider(s). All patients must qualify for treatment.

Our 5 Commitments To You

To always understand how valuable your time is

To treat you as a teammate and answer any and all of your questions

To create game plans specifically tailored to your unique needs and goals

To provide you with the highest quality medications and care

To be relentless in helping you thrive in life

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